Company History

company history

Since 1998 CEPACK has been leading the corrugated carton manufacturing in Egypt, we made a promise to provide the highest of quality when it comes to customized cartons for all packaging needs and to always be there for our customers and serve their demands wherever they may be.

We’ve kept this promise since then, and today CEPACK group is running powerfully through three cutting edge plants with the highest technology available in the market that serve carton demands across the globe.

  • 1998

    The Foundation of Hi Pack Plant

    One of the first corrugated carton manufacturer in the middle east.

  • 2006

    Acquiring Al Alamain Plant

    Expanding our network of operation.

  • 2007

    Cepack Plant

    Paved the way for establishing Cepack Plant.

  • 2013

    Announcing Cepack Group

    As a mother company that governs the above mentioned three subsidiaries.

  • 2018

    Empowering Cepack Increase

    Its capacity through a huge investment to reach 100%

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