We at CEPACK are considered to be on fo the top packaging design firms and our group is known for being a team of award winning designers.

So our team is always up to date and equipped with latest technology in order to meet the clients demands and our experts integrate both structured and graphic design to create successful package design services program.

High Graphic Post-Print-Flexo

Flexo Printing is a direct printing process in which printing is carried out with flexible print forms (Printing Plates) made of photopolymers, this is the predominant printing process in the packaging sector.

Flexo printing creates optimum print quality on a whole range of printing substrates.

High Quality Pre-Print

The Pre-Print is a process where the paper is exposed to high temperatures and pressures, electrostatic fields and contact with toner or water-based inks with different characteristics to the oil-based inks of offset printing.

The Pre-Print offers higher dimensional stability, greater flexibility and autonomy.

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